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Best Selling Art to Corporates & Individuals to World Wide!

A Unique Collection of Original Art Southey Art Gallery is located in Mumbai, India. Our online art gallery imparting to the finest collection of original oil & acrylic paintings of various subject matters such as Florals, Indian Figures, Portraits, Artistic Nudes etc in all type of styles paintings catering to corporate and all individuals. All work provides a vibrant and colorful variety with the techniques ranging from all media brushmarks and mixed media to the art world. These creations are collected by many art collector around the globe, we are always happy to create a custom work of art for people who enjoy our style of painting.

CORPORATE ART: Today there are many more genres to art than there were till the turn of this century. This has further expanded the horizons of many new ages by us. One such category is corporate art. This is normally assigned work given to the artist by the corporate companies. Also, the advertising companies refer to this type of art when preparing promotional material.

Thus, where this form of art is concerned, it is more a matter of preparing a picture as per guidelines, rather than artists being given complete freedom to create something that they desire. However, we are here to take up the challenges in fulfilling the needs and the demands of the corporate verticals.


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